8 website traffic exchange for web blogs in English

First of all, let me say that this is only for those who want to search for blog traffic, your website and your website must be written in English language. Those who are making money with Google Adsense then of course all know that blogging, website in English will be more traffic because it is the most popular languages ​​in the world and of course will "fish for" money from Google Adsense than other languages​​.
So what is traffic exchange? Na can understand that, you post an article link from the blog, your website traffic exchange website, they will post the web link it up and you'll get a view from the site of the traffic exchange, In return, you must also do the opposite. More simply: If the traffic exchange sites to send blogs, your website visitors in 1000, you will have just sent them 300 visitors (rate may vary depending on how the exchange of each web traffic).
In this article, anhmjn will introduce eight biggest sites on the exchange of traffic between the blogger world.

1. www.MGID.com
MGID.com system is probably the biggest traffic exchanges if calculated according to Alexa rankings (Top 500 world). MGID actually a traffic exchange services combined with making money online, team members up to 400 people work very seriously.
- Link exchange registration traffic: http://usr.mgid.com/demo/
- Link account manager: http://stat.mgid.com/login.php
After filling out the registration form and select the appropriate widget to place on your site, waiting half a day to day until they are approved, if approved, they will email you a code to insert into your blog, website, then email them inserted, they will return your account and password to login to the manager. Unlike other traffic exchange website, MGID not allow you to post articles on system link, but they do get all of it (ie they seek in the blog, website or any of you have all ho posted MGID the system).
A website is also involved MGID anhmjn about a week and very terrible results: the anhmjn website only 13,443 visitors and send them in return, they send you 64,081 visitors, wowwwww!

2. www.2Leep.com
2Leep traffic exchange network is the second largest if the Alexa ranking (Top 1000). 2Leep traffic exchange network is also a long introduction, only a single function is the exchange of visits between the blog, website. But recently, they released more functionality for sale hits, helping the webmasters could earn more revenue from website, his blog.
- Link to register: http://app.2leep.com/apply/1819
- Link to the manager log: http://app.2leep.com
- Link to post messages you send to 2Leep: http://app.2leep.com/posts
A website of anhmjn also try to join 2Leep and this is the result: anhmjn send them 34,052 hits, and they send back their 132,918 visitors, the rate of nearly 400%, wow, amazing

3. www.Wahoha.com
Third on the list of Wahoha anhmjn is, if the Alexa rank is roughly equivalent to 2Leep.com Wahoha.com. This is a fairly large site traffic exchange a lot of blogs, popular participation website.
- Link to register: http://wahoha.com/webmaster-signup
- Link the admin login: http://webmaster.wahoha.com/login
anhmjn not involved in Wahoha should also not known how the rate, but most often at 300% -400%.
4. www.Avalanchers.com
Avalanchers.com newly released soon (late 2010) but has grown rapidly, although a time, their system is pretty heavy DDoS attack, but that do not do web development team faltered , Avalanchers still going up.
- Link to register: http://www.avalanchers.com/admin/signup.php
- Link login manager: http://www.avalanchers.com/admin
anhmjn Avalanchers also try to participate and see the exchange rate is quite low, only about 150% -250%, in return, to customize the widget Avalanchers quite "or" such as 1:1 or 4:3 thumbnail option, information is displayed for 16 + or not, ...

5. www.Zaparena.com
Zaparena MGID.com model is similar to a combination of exchange traffic and make money online. With Alexa rank of about 4000, Zaparena ranked fifth in the list of anhmjn.
- Link to register: http://www.zaparena.com
- Link login manager: http://www.zaparena.com/partner/
A blog of anhmjn Zaparena also participated and the result is quite good: the exchange rate is 200% -400%. The advantage is that you can put Zaparena popup with the link, instead of Zaparena popup page of your site.

6. www.Theslingshot.com
Launched not long, Theslingshot also developed rapidly in a short time, the Alexa ranking is 19,000 (and perhaps even up anymore).
- Link to register: http://theslingshot.com/publishers
- Link login manager: http://manage.theslingshot.com/users/sign_in
anhmjn Theslingshot should not try to join the results also do not know how, but as they introduce the exchange rate is 200% +

7. www.2kurl.com
Occurrences 2kurl long but seems slightly less developed, Alexa rank around 40,000. 2kurl a bit different from web traffic in exchange for votes on the link at the right page. In particular, the interface is almost identical 2Leep.com 2kurl
- Link to register: http://2kurl.com/webmaster/signup
- Link the administrator login: http://2kurl.com/webmaster/login
2Kurl anhmjn not participate should have the evaluation results.

8. www.2funnypics.com
A traffic exchange network but specialize in different threads of humor and originality. The newly released shortly, is also growing slowly ... !
- Link to register: http://www.2funnypics.com/webmaster/signup
- Link the administrator login: http://www.2funnypics.com/webmaster/login
anhmjn did not have time to join the network traffic exchange rates should not know how. If you have a blog, website comedy genre, let's try to participate.

A few notes when you join traffic exchange networks on:

Website, blog, forum ... Is the English language.
Website, blog, forum ... not in the form of obscene or pornographic content, sharing copyrighted software ko ...
It is best not to cheat click ^ ^
When posting a link on the top traffic exchanges, you should select the article titled How interesting, attractive people want to view, thumbnail images as well, more interesting, mysterious, strange as possible.

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